A place vegetarians can’t miss : The Calcutta Kitchen

A very honest fact about our city is the lack of ‘veg only’ places. However, from the limited options that we have some of them definitely cannot be missed, like The Calcutta Kitchen. This restaurant located in Bangur was previously called The Yellow Chilli. Recently, they have renamed the place and also expanded the menu to Continental and Chinese fare.

I was recently here for a lunch with my foodie friends to experience what The Calcutta Kitchen has to offer. By the end of the afternoon, I left the restaurant quite satisfied and promising myself to come back again with my parents (we are going this coming weekend)

Let me take you through the decor and food- This is a 110 seater restaurant with a Private Dining Area and really comfortable seating.

The food here is multi cuisine- Indian, Continental & Chinese- I sampled the following:

  1. Peru Pyala- A combination of Guava, Mint and Spice. Perfect twist for this summer
  2. Sunset Island- A blend of tropical fruits, this beautiful drink is a must have this Summer! #Recommended
  3. Their best seller Peshawari aloo is a stuffed kebab with potatoes, topped with oodles of cheese #Recommended
  4. American Corn Pepper Salt- Served in an edible basket made of wanton sheets.Delicious and perfectly crunchy. Though I did add a little extra salt to my portion
  5. Spinach and Cottage Cheese Gnocchi- tossed in a super creamy pink sauce #Recommended
  6. The Old Calcutta Biryani- A spicy Biryani cooked in chilli rub, dum style, served with a cool raita. It was seriously delicious. I know I know, veg Biryani? Well, it exists and this one was simple amazing! #Recommended
  7. Hakka Noodles with Veggies Tossed in Lemon Coriander Sauce- The Side was seriously tasty and I wanted to lick my plate once I finished my portion
  8. Dal Makhni and Shaam Savera with Nan- Dal Makhni is a tricky dish for most restaurants. It isnt Makhni unless you slow cook it in butter and ghee. But boy, The Calcutta Kitchen surprise me with their absolutely finger licking dal! I am definitely ordering this again #Recommended. The Shaam Savera is basically  spinach and cottage cheese dumplings served in a red gravy flavoured by honey. It was different, though a little too sweet for me. But hey if you like sweet in your main dishes, go for this!
  9. For dessert their was their signature Black Currant Kulfi which was so good that I better not describe it. Go try, seriously
  10. The choco lava fondant cake was a burst of chocolate and smiles and you know how chocolate makes everyone feel! 🙂

Here are pictures from my visit

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What I appreciated at this restaurant was their serving portions. If you are planning a visit, 2 main course dishes are easily sufficient for a family of 4.


How did you like this soulfood story, right from my tummy? Comment below.

A special thanks to The Calcutta Kitchen and Rohit Agarwal for hosting us.



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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks like a good place


    1. Really nice place 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sahil Jain says:

    I so much used to look forward to your reviews Karishma! Literally would rely blindly on your recommendations! Why have you stopped posting reviews?


    1. Hi Sahil, thank you so much for always appreciating my reviews. I have been away for some time now, would be back in action soon 🙂


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