TexMex the Indian way- Paneer Fajitas!

TexMex, traditionally includes fix ins which vegetarians do not enjoy. So I modified a recipe, that us vegetarians can make at home and relish! Sharing a delicious recipe of Paneer or cottage cheese fajitas- Ingredients-  1 packet Tortilla wrap (I used a brand called Salsatino)  For the stuffing: 300 gms Paneer (cottage cheese) cute in…

A soulfood summer recipe from a foodie by profession and heart!

A soulfood story has always been passionate about food. This blog stands not just for my personal experiences but also food journeys of so many passionate foodies! This time a soulfood story brings to you a delightful summer salad from foodie and Zomato marketing professional, Samridhi Singhvi! Let’s know a little about her!