100 years of MPOC- celebratory bloggers meet

A Different Meet

A sunday morning so different from the others. I was invited recently for a ‘different’ bloggers meet. The meet was organized by MPOC or the Malayasian Palm Oil Council,a non profit body responsible for Palm oil awareness and expansion.

Palm Oil

For those who don’t know, Palm Oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit. It is used in varied industries including food, FMCG products and more. It acts as a substitute to hydrogenated seed oils like soya. Malaysia is the world’s largest producer of Palm Oil.

This event focused on creating awareness about Palm oil and MPOC made sure us bloggers had our share of fun!

Bhavna explaining Palm Oil to us

And the fun

We all gathered at Barbeque Nation, the venue for the day. A brief session on palm oil was conducted by Bhavna Shah.

Like I mentioned, this was a different food event and it truly lived up to our expectations. We began the food hunt with our first clue ______ khush hua! Yes, yes, Mocambo, where our next task was waiting for us.

My team for the day, we are taking a Palm Oil quiz here!

At Mocambo, we took a fun Palm oil quiz and rushed to Oasis for a blind fold tasting! This was my favorite part, where we were blindfolded and made to taste a dish and guess ingredients! It was amazing fun, finding my fellow bloggers and myself competing in this fun filled task!

Blind food tasting

Our next destination was Trincas Tea lounge, where our groups had to prepare a quick fix salad. Mad rush, laughter, ingredients picking, mixing, adding, tasting and we quickly prepared ‘ the lunatic salad’ with pineapple, eggs, lettuce, peppers and greens with a mayo dressing.!

A soulfood story and Madly food lover- picking ingredients for salad making


We then tried our luck at darts at our main venue for the final lap of our fun filled hunt.


Of course there was food!

Since it was a food bloggers meet, we could not have missed food! MPOC, our kind host organized for a delicious Barbeque Nation buffet for us and we ended the meet on a foodlicious high! I tried kebabs, starters and jumped to desserts!

We also had a gala time at the selfie booth, clicking pictures with our respective teams and with our warm host, Bhavna!

At the photo booth


MPOC managed to create one of the best food events I have been to. Meeting my favorite blogger friends, engaging in fun activities, getting to know Palm Oil- its uses, advantages, industry insights was indeed very enlightening!

I would like to thank Priyanka Patel for the invitation and big thank you to MPOC and Bhavna Shah for organizing and conducting a wonderful bloggers meet.


Disclaimer: Picture source: MPOC and asoulfoodstory. Rights reserved.

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  1. Good Karishma…! 😊


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