Lets Taco bout it at The Monkey Bar!

Hola Conocedor gourmet!( Hola Foodies!)

Monkey Bar, our favorite place to monkey around is giving us two reasons to head over to the Camac Street address! The delicious Taco Libre menu is now ready to be served and you can now have it for lunch and dinner! Yes, you read that right! Monkey Bar is now open for lunch too! and they are liberating the taco!

Here’s what the Taco festival has to offer. Make sure you give them a try before the festival closes by the end of the month (31st is the last day)


Gorge on the delicious soft tacos stuffed with your favorite fillings and trust me they are the best tacos you ll have in the city.

  • Mushroom, Bean & Corn Taco- delicious sauteed mushrooms, beans ad corns in a perfect medly bed of chipotle mayo, peppers, jalapenos and cheddar cheese garish. These were delicious and I gulped down too many of these.



  • Pulled Jackfruit Taco- mouth watering and super tasty, cooked and pulled jackfruit (vegetarians rejoice) stuffed with pickled spicy onion, pico de gallo, avacados and sour cream. Trust me this is a wonderful fusion of jackfruit and taco and it is a must try !



  • Also on offer is Okra Taco ( ladies finger) with green chilli and sour cream, Mumbai Breakast taco for eggatarians with a misal pav twist and plantain and corn croquettes with sriracha and pickle (spicy and tasty)
  • For dessert, bite into Sinful Pancake taco shell filled with pastry cream, caramelized bananas, peanut praline and coffee chocolate crumble in this is banofee pie taco version.


Monkey Bar has planned this delicious menu for us vegetarian foodies who wouldn’t want to miss out on veg counterpart of the taco which is normally a meaty affair everywhere.

Coming in April is a wonderful new cocktail menu comprising of Curry Martini, Absolute Lemon Drop, The Trump Card and Classic LIIT. Here’s a glimpse below-

Don’t miss the taco festival and trust me you will thank me later!

Till then, keep eating, keep sharing your soulfood experiences with me!

Adios Amigos!

Disclaimer- A soulfoodstory and Karishma Sharma own all content and pictures used in the article. Rights reserved




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