Tastes of India- Kolkata’s Biggest food festival!

Tastes of India- Kolkata’s biggest food festival was the biggest and the most fun event the city has seen in a while! The brainchild of the extremely talented Siddhant and Rohini from Shubh Labh Events, the event had to be a great one coming from the duo that pulled off a huge crowd at Streets of India last year in November.

Tastes of India marked the beginning of ‘Grub Fest’ style food event in our very own Kolkata. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the official food blogging team who got to see the hard work that went in to create the event.


The event was christened the Burp and Splurp Carvinal with a promise of Food, Fun and Folks! Lets see how Tastes of India managed to create a perfect 2 days-


The carnival was a perfect amalgamation of restaurants, eateries, cafe’s, home bakers, bakeries and Kolkata couldn’t be happier! 75 food options donned the White House Grounds of the Nalban Food Park.

I must say that as a food blogger, I was surely spoiled for choice. I had a tough time picking options to eat and managed to cover a good food diversity.

  • Coolers- Keventers wooed me with their Oreo Mint Milkshake. A perfect cooler for the sunny afternoon, I sipped away while scanning what to eat. Patchwork Orange served a perfect blend of Health and Taste with their organic press freshed juices. My favorite was the lemon Lavender!
  • Momos- Wow Momo, Jee Momo, Momore kept our love for dumplings alive serving piping hot steamed and fried momos!


  • Skewers served some lip smacking Malai Mushroom Skewers and non veg options. Their Brownie and Marshmallow skewer and Fried Chocolate Bar was a hit among visitors. Go Lebanese served Lebanon style kebabs for the carnivore crowd.
  • The Drunken Monkey served live Vodka Infused Pasta which was lip smacking. Burnt Garlic Served Assorted Pastas, Risottos and more to the hungry crowd.


  • A big attraction at the event was That Food Truck which parked right inside the venue and served up quick fix wraps and burgers. I liked their mushroom burger!
  • Home Bakers and Food Delivery Services served amazing home made dishes. The cheese samosa and red velvet cupcake from The Bakers box was made well. The Mermaids Myth served delicious flavours of the world.
  • Desserts scored at The tastes of India with a lot of home bakers and pioneer mishti makers on board. Cake by Pooja served sinful nutella cookies, cupcakes, while Ballaram Mallick served assorted sandesh. Cake It had delicious chocolate paan, cake shots and brownies. Swatis Flavours of Rasgullas served unique green chilli, Vodka, Strawberry flavoured rasgullos.

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  • Our reliable Kwality Walls, Frollz– frozen icecream rolls served delicious cookie icecream. The Frozen Tree offered soothing real fruit Popsicles!

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The crowd was amazing, with friends, families coming in groups to enjoy the fest. We also had some foreign visitors at the event who loved the vibe of the fest. Samuel, from Indiana, USA loved the food stalls and the overall carnival vibe.

Mom Daughter duo from Ireland loved the veg food options at Chernamrit.


While food was definately fun, the organizers left no scope for fun to escape! Performances by Abhishek Chowhury, Zomato  Fun games, Quizzes kept the visitors busy. The carnival was pure fun and bliss.

Tastes of India has been a record breaker carnival this year and I am privileged to be a part of this show.


A special Thanks to Siddhant Jaitha, Rohini Baid, Rukshana Kapadia, Priti Poddar, Title Sponsor Zomato and my fellow blogging team members for a memorable 2 days!


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