Mouth-watering new menu @Cafe 4/1

Cafe 4/1 has been catering to hungry souls like me for a year now! The cafe is positioned on being a work-friendly, creative cafe, where you can sit down with your laptop or a book with a nice tea or shake and amazing food and take in the peace and calm and enjoy it. One of the best things about this place is that it is an all veg cafe and that definitely scores for veg foodies like me! Meet a friend over long adda sessions, get comfy with your date or just relax by yourself- cafe 4/1 gives you enough reasons to!

Another reason to visit the cafe is to try their mouth- watering new menu items! I was fortunate enough to be invited by the young owner and manager Bhavika, for a tasting of their new menu, which they are now serving down at the Cafe.

Given below is my soulfood experience from the tasting!

The new menu items are inspired from fusion as a concept. With restaurants bringing in flavours that are boring, monotonous and probably tasted million times, Cafe 4/1 has planned to take your taste buds for a joyous ride! The items are a take on Western food with an Indian Twist!


  • Popeye’s Chaat is no ordinary sev puri! Instead of using a flour fried puri, the chef has used palak or spinach leaves, crisped and topped with onions, tomatoes, dahi, green chutney and sev! Popeye would definitely love this one! It is a healthier version of the famous street food and definitely wins brownie points from a soulfoodie like me!
Popeyes Chaat


  • Flat and Furious potatoes are perfect potato crisps topped with cajun spiced mayo made in house and garnished with onions! Absolutely loved the dish.


Flat and furious potato


  • Pesto Khandavi– When Gujarat met Italy! Served in gorgoues looking spoons, this appetizer is another chaat item that has become videshi! Khandavi rolls smothered in basil pesto tastes absolutely delicious. I was surprised to find the dish to be so tasty. My initial doubts of trying it were no where to be found and I think I ate too many of the Pesto Khandavis!
Pesto Khandavi


  • Rice Bombs were an explosion of flavours in my mouth! Another fusion dish, the appetizer is a crusted patty with rice and not just any rice- curried curd rice! For me curd rice is a comforting dish ad Cafe 4/1 just gave it a beautiful makeover!
Rice Bomb



  • The Tandoor-e-pizza makes way into the pizza menu of the Cafe. For me cafe 4/1 has always served one of the best pizzas in town and this new addition is no exception! Thin crust, loaded with mozzarella, spicy tandoori paneer, peppers and onions. It is garnished with coriander for that final Indian touch and voila, ready to get you salivating!



  • Making a grand entrance into the dessert menu is the 4/1 Baklava! For many of you who don’t know, Baklava is a Turkish flaky pastry stuffed with dried fruits and is enjoyed all over the world. The 4/1 twist is baklava served with rabri! Tradionally prepared baklava is served in tiny shot glasses with a dipping sauce that is the rich and creamy 4/1 rabri! Way to go you guys! You just transformed a dish and made it a lot closer to home. So, rabri lovers, do not miss this one!
The 4/1  Baklava


  • Choc-o-bloc volcano is the 4/1 brownie, which is dense, rich, fragrant and topped with a chocolate dome that explodes into a volcano of chocolate! Art at its best! If you are a chocolate lover and totally dig brownies, I see no reason why you should miss this explosion of chocolate! 😉


  • The Blueberry Cheesecake has been given a beautiful makeover by the chef. Comes in a crumbly pastry tart which is cylindrical and stuffed with the cheesecake! This deconstructed cheesecake looks absolutely wow! I was left drooling and honestly did not want to eat it, it looked so pretty!
Deconstructed Blueberry Cheesecake


  • Spicy Mango souffle is a petite looking dessert. Chef Mahajan has taken the humble souffle to the next level by adding a spice to the dish. The delectable combination of spicy mango and chocolate  (comes in an edible chocolate cup with two cute white chocolate hearts) is a definite thums up from a soulfoodstory!
Spicy Mango Souffle


I know I know, I gave you major cravings! But the new menu items from Cafe 4/1 has me drooling! I cant wait to go back there again to gorge on these lovelies!

The Cafe is open all days, so go on satiate those craving pangs, I know I will!


How did you like this soulfood experience? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: A Soulfood Story owns all pictures used in the article. All rights reserved. 




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