The Veg Foodie Pujo Guide

It’s that time of the year again – When our lyaad-ful city is full of uber excitement! Its Pujo time! Normally, we look forward to pandal hopping, adda with friends and lots of gifts. But for foodies like me, it is all about food! Since it is a bengali festival the durga puja menu is also about a lot of non veg dishes. But don’t worry veg foodies, Pujas bring a wide array of choicest dishes consisting of amazing street eats and vegetarian bengali delicacies!

A soulfood story picks 6 faves to make your Durga Puja a foodlicious one!

  • Phuchka- Well Calcutta’s favorite chaat item is the tangy, spicy phuchka! Available in tamarind water, pudina water or dahi, this street food gets Calcutta going gup gup gup!

Top pick places- Vardaan Market (many vendors, take your pick), Vivekananda Park ( Dilip da’s Phuchkas are an absolute hit!), New Alipore State Bank (serves ghugni phuchka among other flavors).



  • Kathi/ Rolls- Lets face it, this is a complete snack for a non vegetarian but have you tried the paneer version?

Top pick places- Hot Kathi Rolls in Park Street, Kusum Rolls again in Park Street.

Kathi Rolls


  • Bhog Khichuri- The tastiest of khichuris are prepared for bhog during puja and trust me this is the best thing about puja! Slow cooked rice and lentils with vegetables, a little sweet, served with begun bhaja and papad. Top it off with ghee and the aroma is sure to fill you with nostalgia that is DURGA PUJA!

Top pick places- You can try Kasturi and 6 Ballygunge Place but if you ask me, Shib Mandir on Lake Road prepares amazing bhog. (Only on request on pre-order for residents.)

Bhog Khichuri


  • Malpua- This deep fried, sugar bathed dessert can’t be far behind when Durga Puja is concerned. Tastes best with rabri, this sugar overdose is a perfect end to your festive meal! Have it piping hot and let the taste create its magic!

Top pick places- 6 Ballygunge place serves good malpua. You can also try Oh! Calcutta and the extremely popular KC Das. Our local favorite Maharani also serves delicious Malpua in the evenings!



  • Radha Ballavi- A traditional bengali breakfast, this dish consists of fried luchi stuffed with lentils and a spicy sweet aloo dum .You can also try it with cholar dal. Garlicy, sweet, spicy and fried, this dish is a complete roller coaster ride for your taste buds.

Top pick places- Ballaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick, Ganguram are two of my favorite places services delicious Radha Ballavi


Radha Ballavi


  • Naru or Coconut laddu A typical bengali household sweet, Naru is pure nostalgia. You can gulp down 10- 12 of them( I know I can !) Made with grated coconut, gur and lots of love, this household sweet dish is also available at some popular and reputed as well as local misthi dokan

Top pick places- Sweet giants Ballaram Mullick & Radharam Mallick and Banchharam house this Bengali delicacy.


So, here you have my top 6 picks this festive season. There are so many dishes that I have not listed. Momos, chowmein, candy floss, popcorn, cholar dal and so much more!

Do, tell me what are your food plans during the  5 festive days! Feel free to drop in your suggestions! Would love to read them.


All pictures in this article are sourced from the internet. I/ a soulfood story does not own them. 


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