Kaos- The Real Gourmet!

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Kolkata is witnessing a tremendous rise in home bakers and confectioners and thanks to Zomato we have been able to discover so many amazing home bakers. So, who are home bakers? Well, they are a talented bunch who operate within a small setup but produce brilliant desserts and bakes! One such home baker I discovered is Kaos Gourmet- who are seriously re-inventing “gourmet”

Kaos in association with Zomato was kind enough to send across a beautiful hamper to my home. The hamper was a beautifully designed takeaway box and in it was an assortment of cookies and brownies. ( I am sure, this article gets interesting from here)


The assortment was a mix of pure delice!

  • A Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie which was one of my best brownie experiences! It was baked well, crumbly but soft inside, exactly how a brownie texture should be! Whats more? It’s gluten free so if you got food allergies, fret not and dig in!


  • A gorgeous smelling Gluten Free Nutella Brownie. Well, Nutella and Brownie, need I say more? It was pure perfection! The crumbly brownie and the soft brownie inside tasting of Nutella. So rich and pure! #Recommended


  • Lemon and White Chocolate cookie was a perfect distraction from chocolate paradise! The cookie was baked perfectly and had the right texture and crunch! The flavour was lemon and white chocolate and I could taste the fragrant lemon and a rich white chocolate which balanced the acidity and tartness from the lemon. Very gourmet, very tasty.


  • Double Chocolate Cookie which happens to be their best selling item was probably one of the best cookies I have tasted in a long time! It was not crunchy but had a soft texture to it. I could smell the chocolate away from a distance! Well, since it was double chocolate it absolutely doubled my tasting experience. A must try for all. #HighlyRecommended


By the end of this sweet tasting I was convinced that Kaos Gourmet is no ordinary home bakers! They are here for a reason and the reason is to re-define a word often used for food but seldom done justice to- GOURMET!

Apart from desserts like Cookies, Cupcakes, Brownies and more Kaos Gourmet has taken the “gourmet” scene up a notch by including home made Cream Cheese spreads, Bagels and several Exotic dips like Basil Pesto, Red Pepper Hummus and more in their menu.

You can place orders by calling them or using Zomato delivery!

So, how did you like this soulfood story? I pretty much enjoyed writing this piece down!  By the way, don’t you think that since Pujo is around the corner and gifting is a major task, how about gifting a “gourmet” gift from Kaos to your friends and family this time? Let me know what you think!




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