A well traveled dish- Pasta

To be honest, I am deeply and madly in love with pasta. It is one of my comfort foods and I can gorge on pasta anytime of the day (Yes, even for breakfast!). I always marvel at how this dish is so versatile, suiting both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!

If you ask me, Penne, farfalle, fettuccine, spiralli, macaroni, spaghetti, gnocchi, lasagne, linguine, cannelloni are the most common pastas used in restaurants around. However, there are over 300 types of pastas all over the world! It is known to be a staple humble dish eaten all over Italy.

There are over 300+ types of Pasta (Source: Web)

But did you know that Pasta probably traveled from a far off land to reach the Italian kitchen? Yes, that’s right!

It is believed that the traveler Marco Polo rediscovered Pasta- a type of evolved noodle in China and is mentioned to have got it to Italy. Some also believe that it was not Marco Polo but the Arabs who got it to the Mediterranean region. The Arabs probably took Pasta to Italy and also taught them the technique of pasta drying!

Anyway, we might never know where pasta originated but we do know that it traveled to Italy and slowly conquered the world including America, Asia and Australia and my foodie soul!

Prepared in sauces, prepared fresh or dry, with veggies or meat, this classic dish is one of the most consumed items in the world!

My favorite pasta sauces are marinara, bechamel, pesto and mushroom sauce! Actually, any sauce would do when it is pasta!

Spaghetti in Cheesy Bechamel at The Country House

Did this article get you salivating? Here is an easy peasy pasta recipe which is very close to my heart!

Hope you enjoyed this soulfood story on the history of the traveling pasta! Share your favorite pasta dishes with me in the comment section!


PS:- All pictures apart from representational images are owned by a soulfoodstory.




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