A sweet surrender at Delice, Novotel

Novotel Hotel off New Town Rajarhat boasts of gorgeous contemporary stays! One of the largest capacity hotels in the city, this hotel has created a benchmark in the hospitality industry in the city. More over, the hotel boasts of wonderful eating and lounging options. One of them is Delice- the hotel’s resident boutique bakery!

Located at the lobby level of the hotel, this bakery boasts of gorgeous artisan breads, artistic pastry art and delightfuly tasty desserts.

I was here one evening for desserts and was awe struck by the stacks on display.Desserts are that part of your meal which decide the end to your food evening and since I am a self confessed dessert fanatic I wanted to try the bakery at this star address.

So here goes my soulfood experience at Delice:

Tiramisu –Between those coffee soaked layer of sponge was a light airy coffee mousse. It tasted absolutely divine!



Victoria Slice was a stunning slice of cake and appeared to be a mini version of a rainbow cake with all the layers distinct and prominent. It tasted good and was enjoyed by all. It was garnished with paper thin chocolate sheets.

Victoria Slice


Mixed Fruit Slice was fluffy and tasty topped with generous garnishing of kiwi and plum and I absolutely enjoyed biting into this one. The white pasty cream was the best part of this cake.

Mixed Fruit Slice


The chocolate slice was a sinful affair. Most loved by all, this slice was dense and gooey but spongy at the same time ( master chefs work ofcourse!). The chocolate used was without doubt of wonderful quality and it was oozing from every bite!

Chocolate pastry


Berliner, the German version of a sweet bun was also ordered. It looked gorgeous, baked to perfection and sprinkled with icing sugar. It was filled with strawberry jam and had a salty-sweet flavor which helped our extremely exploited taste buds ( from trying so many desserts, of course!)



Praline Chocolate was the only chocolate in my order. It looked like a piece of chocolate rock. It was coated with cocoa and one bite into this transported me to chocolate paradise! It was dense, not too sweet, filled with praline and all the flavors absolutely assaulted my taste buds in the best way possible.

Praline Chocolate


I had almost surrendered to this sweet antidote, when I decided to try fresh brews. Went for an Americano which came accompanied by on of the softest cookies I have ever tried!


Pastry is an art a lot know about but a few master- The pasty chefs at Delice, Novotel have indeed mastered it.

So here was my soulfood story about a sweet surrender at the Novotel. Feel free to share your comments with me. By the way, what’s your favorite dessert? Shoot, in the comments below.



Delice - Novotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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